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Teeth Whitening

After teeth whitening do not have any of these under for 24 hours

  • Coffee, tea
  • Tobacco products
  • Sauces that contains color like ketchup, red sauces, mustard
  • Pop drinks
  • Red wine
  • Colored drinks
  • Fruits like berries that colors

Whitening outcomes varies for everyone due to their teeth color, type of stains intrinsic stains and extrinsic stain, number of teeth whitening appointments, diet etc. Expectations about the outcome must be realistic.

  • It is common to have mild temporary sensitivity following whitening procedure, you can use any desensitizing ( anti sensitivity ) toothpaste of your choice or the desensitizing toothpaste provided from the clinic.
  • Brush using the whitening toothpaste provided after the routine brushing. Use only peanut size whitening toothpaste.

In home whitening

  • Brush and floss very well before the whitening procedure
  • Drop small amount of gel into each teeth in the tray, you can skip the molars since they would not be shown while you smile.
  • Place the tray completely to the teeth
  • Gently wipe of the excess gel using cotton swabs or gauze
  • Stop the procedure if it is too sensitive or produces burning, allergic reactions. Rinse well with water and book an appointment for examination.
  • If the sensitivity is mild skip the procedure for couple of days.
  • Keep the gels in cool place or keep refrigerated.
  • Keep your whitening tray clean, do not scrub or use hot water. Wash only in cold water.
  • Straws can be used to drink beverages that can color your teeth.
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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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