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After Hygiene Visit (scaling/ teeth cleaning)

  • Scaling or teeth cleaning removes plaque and calculus (tartar) on the teeth to promote healing of gum (gingiva) attachment. It is normal to see bleeding gums during the procedure and some cases even after the procedure.
  • It is normal to feel discomfort around the teeth and around the gum lines
  • There can be temporary increase in sensitivity towards hot, cold and even to sweets.
  • Sensitivity during and post procedure can be high for individuals having bone and gum recession.
  • Individuals with moving teeth and with higher quantity of deposits ( calculus and plaque) may notice that their teeth move more than before but recognize that healing of tissues requires clean environment.
  • You might require more than one appointment for finishing scaling, please do follow the instructions for booking back to finish scaling and to follow scaling¬† recalls.
  • Recall intervals are scheduled based on the periodontal health (gums and bone level, oral hygiene)
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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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