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Crown and Bridge

Are you looking for a dental office to get a crown or a bridge for your teeth? Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic can help with your need for getting a crown and bridge.

Dental Crown?

It is a lab-fabricated tooth that mimics the natural shape and color of your teeth. It is permanently cemented over the natural teeth to restore its function, appearance, and strength. It looks like a cap over the real teeth for reinforcement.

Why a Dental Crown?

A crown is placed over the natural teeth for various reasons such as for

  • Esthetics- when the natural teeth are permanently discolored, and or not having a visually pleasing size or shape natural teeth are covered with a crown. Since the crowns are lab fabricated the size, shape, and color are custom fabricated.
  • Strength- Over the fractured or fractured teeth crown is placed to prevent the teeth from further damage and to restore the lost teeth’ structure. RCT-completed teeth require crowns over them for reinforcement as well as teeth that have undergone trauma and fracture or even teeth with deep dental restoration and breaking frequently.
  • Function- acquired or congenital defects of teeth can prevent teeth from fulfilling their functions such as chewing food, aiding in speech, and aiding in facial tissue support. Having a crown over such teeth can bring back the function of the teeth.

Dental Bridges are basically a group of dental crowns that can replace missing teeth by taking support from the adjacent teeth. A dental bridge is a fixed prosthesis to replace missing teeth.

When there is an area of missing teeth and there are sound teeth in front and back to the space a dental bridge can be placed to cover the space created by missing one or more teeth. A dental crown covers the natural teeth and uses them as an anchor for replacing the area of missing teeth. Dental crowns are hollow inside so they can cover the natural teeth to which it is cemented. In a bridge such crowns are called abutments and the crown that covers the missing teeth area is called the pontic. These pontic are not hollow inside since they are not covering the natural teeth but covering the area that is missing of the teeth. This design prevents the food from getting stuck under the pontic crown and gives more strength for chewing food.

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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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