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Braces without a wire! Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic offers you the Invisalign treatment. 

Invisalign is a clear aligner that can work instead of conventional braces to straighten your smile. Since they are transparent, people who are looking at your teeth might not even detect them.

Are you a person who is self-conscious about the arrangement of your natural teeth and wants to have it fixed but is unsure if you are the ideal patient given your age or way of life?

Invisalign is easier and more comfortable compared to conventional braces you can remove them by yourself for cleaning or for having food. If you believe you are no longer a child or teenager but still want to straighten your teeth and are concerned that others may realize you are having braces at this age. Invisalign is built for you since they are barely noticeable to others and are effortlessly removable.

How to get Invisalign treatment

If you are looking to get Invisalign treatment in Grande Prairie call us and book an Invisalign consult with us or let us know about your interest in your regular checkup and cleaning appointments. Our dentist can evaluate if you are a favorable client for Invisalign treatment and our front staff can inform you of the estimated treatment expenses and dental insurance coverages.

Ask our front staff about the payment options. We accept dental financing through iFinance dental card for more info

Call- 1-888-689-9876

Advantages of Invisalign

  • Move your teeth into the desired position faster and in a safe way
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to maintain oral hygiene compared to traditional braces
  • Barely visible to others
  • See the end result virtually even before starting the treatment
  • Fewer time spend in dental clinic
  • Can be used for any age group with permanent dentition


1)Complete a consultation to get digital scanning and a 3D virtual treatment plan. 

2) Wear your tray’s and start transforming your teeth

3) Get your desired smile and retain them with the retainers

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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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