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Dental Laser

Similar to any other technologies out there, dental technology also upgrades in time. Grande prairie family dental clinic follows the upgrades in the dental field and tries to bring the advantages of the updated and upgraded dental technologies.

Lasers in dentistry had been in use for more than two decades. Grande Prairie Family dental uses dental lasers produced by reputable brands.


What is Frenum?

They are soft tissues (connective tissue) that can be seen as a thin fibrous line that’s attached to the gums (gingiva)- lips.

Why do you need Frenum removed(frenectomy)? 

Frenum can cause variations in their attachment location which can interfere with the regular growth and function of orofacial structures. Elongated lingual frenum or also known as tongue tie can cause difficulty in feeding infants. This tongue tie can affect speech development or even orofacial skeletal/muscle developments

Why choose dental lasers over a scalpel for removing tongue tie?

  • Precise and predictable – minimal but desired removal of tissue
  • Minimal to no local anesthetics needed (freezing)
  • Lasers cauterize where it cuts which cuts down bleeding (minimal to no blood) from the surgical site, and in turn reduces the chances of secondary infection
  • Better healing, less post-operative pain
  • No sutures required
  • Suitable option for all ages including infants
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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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