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Crown and Bridge

  • Your natural teeth is grinded to reduce size for accommodating artificial teeth.
  • Teeth and surrounding gum (gingiva) that are prepared for crown and bridge can be sensitive, sore, inflamed for few days. Gently clean those area, you can use warm salt water to relieve the symptoms and faster healing.
  • Your teeth might be getting temporary crown after the crown cutting procedure and they be fixed only with the temporary cement.
  • While having the temporary crown
    • Do not chew gum
    • No sticky foods on that side
    • Avoid chewing hard food on that side
    • Do not floss around that teeth
  • If the temporary crown comes off, you can do a rinse and try getting temporary crown back on the teeth, or you can call us back and get an appointment for recementing the dislodged temporary crown.
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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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