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Immediate Dental Implants

Same Day Dental Implants Tooth loss can happen anytime to anyone in a surprise. Replacing the lost teeth is necessary to maintain the harmony in the oral cavity. Losing a tooth can have impacts on chewing forces, esthetics, along with the loss of support for your intra-oral and extra-oral tissues resulting in sagging of facial […]

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic offers wisdom teeth removal services. Wisdom teeth also known as the third molars are removed by the dentist for most of the clients these days. This wisdom teeth removal is advised due to different reasons. Wisdom teeth are commonly removed during the teenage period during growth and development. The lack […]

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Root Canal Treatment-RCT

Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic offers Root Canal treatment. RCT is a dental procedure done to save your teeth and relieve you from dental pain and infection. Every tooth contains soft tissues inside called the pulp, which consists of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. The pulp inside of teeth can get infected or inflamed […]

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Crown and Bridge

Are you looking for a dental office to get a crown or a bridge for your teeth? Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic can help with your need for getting a crown and bridge. Dental Crown? It is a lab-fabricated tooth that mimics the natural shape and color of your teeth. It is permanently cemented over […]

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Routine Dental Check Up and Cleaning (scaling)

 Grande Prairie Family Dental believes that prevention is always better than cure. That is why we recommend regular dental check-ups and cleaning. So, we can prevent your unmet dental need to grow into a bigger, more expensive, painful, condition to be dealt with. We do highly recommend dental check-ups at least once every year and […]

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Family Dentistry

Advantages of having a family dentist Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic is a one-stop place for your family’s dental needs. Having same dentist for the whole family can make it easier to maintain the recall intervals and follow ups. When you get comfortable to the dental settings and the professional’s it can directly helps to […]

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Digital Scanning

Grande Prairie Family Dental clinic keeps up with the upgrades in the field of dentistry. We have substituted conventical impressions in most cases with the new digital impression technique for more comfort and precession. We use digital scanning to make treatment plans and results visible to our clients. With the use of this new scanning, […]

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Dental Emergency

Grande prairie family dental clinic understands the difficulties of dental emergencies that’s why we welcome dental emergencies and new patients. If you are in dental-related pain or any other dental emergency, you can call us or book online on our website for an emergency exam. Our compassionate staffs might ask further leading questions to recognize […]

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Dental Laser

Similar to any other technologies out there, dental technology also upgrades in time. Grande prairie family dental clinic follows the upgrades in the dental field and tries to bring the advantages of the updated and upgraded dental technologies. Lasers in dentistry had been in use for more than two decades. Grande Prairie Family dental uses […]

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Night Guard

Night Guard is an acrylic tray customized to take the biting force away from the teeth. Our teeth is made up of strongest materials in our body. But due to the excessive and continuous pressure on our teeth can cause excessive and early wear, crack of the teeth. Habits like grinding teeth (Bruxism), clenching are […]

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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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