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After Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy (RCT)

  • In this procedure we remove your nerve / pulp of the teeth and clean the root canal.
  • That teeth may show discomfort for few following days
  • You could be still in the effect of local anesthetics (freezing), make sure you don’t  consume extremely hot food/ beverages, you may burn yourself and not recognize. Avoid having food on that side immediately so that you don’t chew your cheeks due to lack of sensation.
  • We do recommend taking pain medication before the anesthetic wear off.
  • Do not chew on (RCT) completed tooth for few days and do not bite directly hard food like a Candy since there is higher chance of tooth fracture.
  • Most of the RCT completed teeth are advised for a crown after to avoid the fracturing of the teeth, an appointment needed to be made for the crown(cap).
  • Your teeth can still get decayed and broken off without causing any pain, there for it is still important to keep good oral hygiene.
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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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