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Night Guard

Night Guard is an acrylic tray customized to take the biting force away from the teeth. Our teeth is made up of strongest materials in our body. But due to the excessive and continuous pressure on our teeth can cause excessive and early wear, crack of the teeth. Habits like grinding teeth (Bruxism), clenching are causes for early wear and crack of teeth. These habit may be in your sleep without your conscious. To protect your teeth from such unwanted biting and grinding pressure night guards are recommended.

Our oral care professionals in Grande Prairie Family Dental clinic can recognize the signs and symptoms of night grinding, clenching habits and recommend or fabricate a night guard for you. 

Recognize the need of a night guard?

Grinding habits (Bruxism) can go unnoticed since it could be happening during your sleep with out your knowledge.

Do you wake up with a mild headache or jaw pain?

The reason behind it could be the griding or clenching habit during the sleep. Excessive pressure on your teeth results in wear of enamel and exposing your dentin. This wear gives flatter appearance for the teeth may also comes with crack lines on enamel. Wear of teeth can also cause sensitivity.

Regular dental or hygiene visits can lead to early detection of such harmful habits and save your precious enamel.

How to manage?

We can fabricate night guard for you, which can absorb the high pressure from such grinding and clenching to prevent the excessive wear and crack of your teeth's.

Some client’s experience day grinding. These grinding habits could be from stress and might have to dealt with referral to counselling programs, physical therapy or muscle relaxant prescription drugs. Day time grinding can be managed to some level by being conscious and training yourself about stopping the teeth grinding habit.

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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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