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Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the latest and most effective methods to replace missing teeth.

Are you looking to get dental implants done in Grande Prairie?

Our dental clinic provides the treatment option of dental implants for replacing your missing or failing teeth.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implant procedure looks extremely painful, but they are similar to any other dental procedures. Pain can be managed using local anesthetics (freezing). We also provide the option of conscious sedation (oral pill) , nitrous oxide sedation.

Do dental implants last for a long period?

Dental implants are permanent and fixed option for replacing teeth. Implants are meant to stay for a long period. Implants are made of titanium screw and they fuse to the jawbone like it is a part of your body. Most of the dental implants are successful and there is minor chances of failure of implants due to the bone not fusing to the implant screw completely. 

Am I the right candidate for getting a dental implant?

There are several scenarios that contraindicate dental implants like, poor bone support, poor oral hygiene, habits like smoking, clenching or grinding teeth, health conditions that affects bone healing.

Why worry when our dentist can examine and make a suitable treatment plan.

Pathway to dental implants

Similar to other dental procedure dental implant surgery does not demand you to get admitted. Dental implant surgery is done in steps and takes several months to get it completed.

1.Examination/ Planning

  • In this phase we will be assessing your oral and general health to tailor the treatment plan just for you.
  • Advanced radiographs are taken for the assessment
  • Recognize the requirements of bone/membrane graft

2.Surgical insertion of implant

  • We accommodate you into your suitable appointment.
  • Dental implant (titanium screw) is surgically placed into your jaw bone.
  • Bone graft/ membrane placement.
  • Temporary partial denture may be given to maintain the space or for esthetic concerns.
  • Leave the implant for an interval , most cases two months are given for the surgical site to heal and the implant to be fused in the bone like it is a part of the body

3.Placing healing abutment

  • A connecting piece that binds implant and crown is placed on the dental implant.
  • Scanning (impression) is done for making suitable crown (teeth) for your implant.

4.Placing crown

  • Crown (artificial teeth) is placed over the abutment to complete the implant procedure. Artificial teeth is permanently placed, and you would not be able to take it off and on.

How can you help yourself during and after the procedure?

  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene – good oral hygiene is important for your natural and artificial teeth to last longer. Our dental professionals in Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic can recommend and guide you in selecting and implementing oral hygiene aids to match your individual oral hygiene needs.
  • Regular check-up and cleaning
  • Avoid habits like smoking, chewing hard candies, ice, coffee
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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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