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Root Canal Treatment-RCT

Grande Prairie Family Dental Clinic offers Root Canal treatment. RCT is a dental procedure done to save your teeth and relieve you from dental pain and infection.

Every tooth contains soft tissues inside called the pulp, which consists of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. The pulp inside of teeth can get infected or inflamed following deep dental caries, trauma, or cracked teeth. This can lead to severe pain and can also be a potential source of infection that can affect general health.

In such cases, an RCT is done to save the teeth and general health. In this procedure, the inflamed or infected pulp of the teeth is removed, and the inside of the teeth is cleaned and disinfected after this the vacant space once occupied by the pulp is filled and sealed using dental materials.

Is RCT painful?

RCT can be done after local anesthetics (freezing) which can manage the pain and sensitivity during the procedure. In most cases, RCT is done to the teeth showing symptoms of pain or infections and the teeth may show discomfort for a few days.

Why do you need a crown after RCT?

A RCT deals with the inside treatment of the teeth which takes away the pain and infections. This creates a good foundation but to bring back the function, appearance, and strength permanent restorations and crowns are required.

What is a crown?

It is a lab-fabricated tooth that mimics the natural shape and color of your teeth. It is permanently cemented over the RCT-completed teeth to restore its function, appearance, and strength. It looks like a cap over the real teeth for reinforcement.

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We follow The Alberta Fee Guide
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